we like to keep it simple.

what we do

we buy

At Fresh Path we buy Core and Cutout items from Engines, Transmissions, Scrap Metal, Small Parts, and much more!

we sell

Fresh Path sells Headlights, Bumpers, and soon remanufactured CVTs. We guarantee quality and the best price!

we export

With no minimum box required, we arrange and cover your shipment at our expense.

cvt production

FreshPath specializes in complete automotive remanufacturing.


We are currently working on remanufacturing Engines. Hang on tight!

coming soon


Our current production line is focused on remanufactured CVTs and Nissan Transmissions. Contact us for more information.

coming soon


"We have been doing business with Fresh Path for over 2 years.  Steven and his team are very professional and are always available to answer any questions.  They stay in constant communication with you from when you send your load, until you have received your payment.  I highly recommend them."

- Scottie Davis

"Working with Fresh Path through the URG core program was so simple and a great way to clean off your shelves of overstock engines and transmissions. The runner program is a great way to increase your turns. The staff at Fresh Path were great to work with. They helped us navigate through the process each step of the way from using the URG website to getting our loads picked up."

- Tom Denton
"Our company has been selling to Fresh Path for the past 2 Years. We have sold them everything from cores to good running drive train. They have streamlined the pickup, check-in and payment process, understanding that our company relies on cash flow for continued success. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the Auto Recycling industry."

- Anthony Catalano
"We at A&P wanted to say thank you for another avenue of increasing business between us. Our industry has gone through some pretty amazing changes over the last couple of years for sure, and it is nice to see a company as Fresh Path on the front step of the data revolution. With the URG Data tools we now have installed into our processes and Fresh Path's forward thinking on uplink feeds for "Runner" takeout product, we are now able at A&P Auto to put a higher value at the point of purchase, at the point of inventory and the point of crush.  This value/cash or inventory turn has allowed A&P to increase purchasing thus injecting monthly sales with new fresh inventory to sell."

-Billy Abold


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